Tetris Tips

Master the basics and you'll become a better Tetris player in no time!

Your goal is to continually stack tetrominoes and clear lines as long as you can. To do that, you need to fill an entire line horizontally with blocks, causing those lines to disappear and giving you more space to stack.

Below are some Tetris tips to help transform you into a better player.

Playing flat

Playing flat means dropping pieces in a way that will create the flattest top row of pieces. A flat playing field means you have more options to place pieces down. A general rule: Never stack pieces more than two blocks high or create a hole more than two blocks deep.

Build mounds in the center

No matter how well you play, you’ll eventually create a mound higher than two blocks. If you can help it, recommend trying to bias your mounds to the center of the playing field in most versions of Tetris.

Understand the rotation system

One of the biggest tips for playing better and faster is mastering rotation. You can rotate pieces clockwise or counterclockwise.

Make fast decisions

Before you learn more basic strategies there is one final foundational strategy recommended keeping in mind: Make decisions fast, even if they aren't optimal.

Hold pieces to score

Don't use the hold piece for fixing mistakes. Use it to score.

In Tetris, you can save a piece for later and move onto the next available piece. Then you can replace a tetromino with your saved piece at will.

Play at faster speeds

While playing at the lowest speed and ramping up is a great way to get comfortable with the game, things fall apart quickly when the game gets faster than your comfort zone. We have one recommendation for getting comfortable with the game’s evolving speed: Play fast all the time.

Look at the queue and the colors

Another way is to look at the next queue and learn the standard colors for each tetromino.

Practice a lot

We realize that, even at a base level, there are a lot of things to keep in mind from the start. Even with dedicated practice, it will take some time for these ideas to become second nature. In time, you’ll discover unique setups and your own tricks to combat sticky situations.